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2nd album is out.

2012-04-20 19:04:54 by SessileNomad

album is out, name your price, including free.

New album in the works!

2011-11-19 01:57:30 by SessileNomad

im working on my next album :)

sooo yeah. add me on youtube or facebook if you want possible updates and a heads up when its released.


2011-01-12 18:16:11 by SessileNomad

After many months of me procrastinating, Streams of Red and Orange, my debut album, is out!!

Here is the album

the grand total price for the whole album is a whopping NAME YOUR OWN PRICE (that includes 0 USD)

if you like the album please click the 'like' button on the bandcamp page to help push farther and farther

If you like my music as a whole, feel free to add me on Facebook

bam facebook

ugh im on facebook

2010-08-29 02:16:11 by SessileNomad


well actually i have been there for a while, this is just the offical sessilenomad one, so you can keep up with updates or demos and when the album comes out so yeah

become a fan. you know you want to

I have a new song

2010-03-19 00:41:48 by SessileNomad /317483

you should go review it and vote 5 and suck my cock that last one is optional but not really you know you want to ok i would never really ask that for real thank you that is all good day to you sir/madam

p.s. do it for my bunny :)

I have a new song

whoo newgorunds revamped

2010-01-26 16:55:41 by SessileNomad

what do you guys think of teh new changes, i particularly like the quick tab in the BBS

x-mas gifts

2010-01-01 16:29:45 by SessileNomad

i got as new laptop for x-mas

what did you guys get? post again

2009-11-22 01:42:18 by SessileNomad

look at my audio, vote fairly and please for the love of god give me your opinions with a review

Alright guys, new post!

2009-11-16 17:41:03 by SessileNomad

first person to make me actually laugh out loud will win one internet from yours truely


2009-06-24 17:54:39 by SessileNomad

profile pic right there is amazing

done by defensegameguru