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check out that youtube channel if you have any techno, or piano music that you would like shown onto youtube

peace out everyone

its sooo awesome, lookandsee made it, if you ever need a good photoshopper, go to him

i think the subject of this post would be enough for you to know what i want done...

check it out..

2008-12-27 06:01:08 by SessileNomad

grr im sick of being grounded, and of having a broken computer, i have no clue why but it has suddenly let me back on the internet...hmm

anyways comment me and ill give you...a dutch rudder....xD

Please look at my new demo

2008-11-30 06:38:23 by SessileNomad

ide like to know what you all thing, itll only take 39 seconds of your time

go die in a fire, but i love youuuuu

Hello All

2008-11-26 00:10:37 by SessileNomad

Just thought id say hi

so yeah...hi

if you like techno/trance, then you should check out my music, and then point out all my pros and cons, so i can grow, and whatnot

peace bitches i love you all


Hello Everybody

2008-11-01 05:15:01 by SessileNomad

Hey everyone, add me on myspace if you like me, or in fact, add me if you dont nomad

thats it, thanks everybody, review my stuff, rate, add on myspace, chat, ill respond to everything



I have an idea!

2008-09-29 03:56:24 by SessileNomad

if anyone ever looks at this page, please leave me your honest opinions, and your constructive critisizm(about my music that is)

thanks greatly