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2009-11-22 01:42:18 by SessileNomad

look at my audio, vote fairly and please for the love of god give me your opinions with a review


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2009-11-22 11:35:53

I LOVE your audio! You have some real talent. Nice job.

SessileNomad responds:



2009-12-04 02:02:09

Lol my opinion is.... stop making IDM and make something different.. lol

you should try classical, ure good at piano right? And maybe chuck in some spastic drums, As I like to call them :D

I think I just discovoured what it is truely like to be a genre bitch.

anyway, peaceout oD

SessileNomad responds:

IDM is the greatest and most expressive for of music i know of, and until i find something more beautiful, ill continue to primarily work with it

passage D, look it up on youtube, mabye i could make a piano song like that xD

you callin me a genre bitch?!? >:(



2009-12-05 21:31:21

dude you fuckin comment on every dnb song on ng before i do. seriously man, it's like you're stalking me in the future to make it look like i'm stalking you.

SessileNomad responds:

lol, i browse the dnb section alot


2009-12-21 15:30:16


SessileNomad responds:



2009-12-27 06:19:17

good luck @ round 2

SessileNomad responds:


my response was too short


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